Friday, September 10, 2004

My Dinner With Rosa

Session Start (MSN - boz:kitty): Fri Sep 10 20:03:03 2004
kitty: hi
boz: hi rosa!
kitty: hey boz whats up?
boz: I'm getting a package together to send to the troops in iraq and
zonkboarding with belle, 'sup with you?
kitty: i just gotted up
kitty: so im still all droopy
boz: poor thing
kitty: heh heh
kitty: *yawn*
kitty: how are u?
boz: I'm good, just back home from a road trip about an hour ago, beautiful weather!
kitty: cool
kitty: where'd u go?
boz: Standish, about 40 miles south of here, took Mother Boz along, hit all the dollar
stores looking for stuff for the package
kitty: ok
kitty: hows yer mum?
boz: she's pretty good, she fell on her backside a couple weeks ago and
has been kind of sore, but she's doing good now
kitty: my gramps fell over yesterday
kitty: he missed a step
kitty: the troll is in my bed!

boz: hiding?
kitty: yeah
kitty: i think he just farted in there
kitty: he is watching my tv
boz: did the sheets just poof up?
kitty: nope but its smelly her
kitty: e
boz: did gramps get hurt?
kitty: nup
kitty: just bruised
boz: that's good,
boz: my dad fell backwards and hit his head and that is what started his dementia
kitty: yeah im googling the hot teacher afain
kitty: oh that sucks!!!
boz: yeah, that was the beginning of the end for him
boz: the footie player?
kitty: yeah
boz: he's probably gay
kitty: nup dont think so
kitty: ill try and show u
boz: oh wow!
boz: I have to go pee
kitty: i mean show u a picture!

boz: oh
kitty: oko
boz: back
kitty: found it
kitty: its a BAAAAAAAAAAD photo
boz: he's gay, admit it
kitty: (Link:
boz: geez, read his profile, he is soooooooooooo gay, he likes thongs!!!!
kitty: thongs are flip flops
boz: and he likes playing without his underwear?
boz: and he likes al pacino, in what movie ... Cruising!!!!!
boz: G
boz: A
boz: Y
kitty: heh heh
boz: you know, I get to post this chat on my new blog.

kitty: nooooooooooooo!

kitty: :)
kitty: i didnt know!

boz: oh yes, I'll censor the part about Frank though
kitty: cool
boz: I'll call him Franz
boz: hahashahaha
kitty: haha!
boz: yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

boz: I dunno
boz: I don't think it is
boz: she left a comment on rwbs a couple weeks back
kitty: i think they have broken up
boz: aw
boz: did you find the pic?
kitty: nup
boz: I'm not sure where it was posted
kitty: nevermind
boz: ok, I won't
kitty: heh eh
kitty: i gotta try some oants on
kitty: ill brb
boz: ok
*** (kitty) has joined the conversation.
boz: I'm going to go watch television, talk with you later rosa posa.


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