Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My afternoon snack with Rosa

Session Start (MSN - boz:kitty): Tue Sep 14 01:30:35 2004
kitty: told ya
kitty: see im here.. at home
boz: liar
kitty: shutup
boz: how do I know it's you
kitty: rolo polo?
boz: who?
kitty: rosa posa
boz: this is your grandfather, isn't it
kitty: *incoherant rambling*
boz: rosa!!!!
boz: I knew it was you
kitty: fuck u!

kitty: :)
boz: you've always been so sweet to me
kitty: yeah... as sweet as vinegar
boz: vinegar tits!
kitty: stop talking about my mams like that
kitty: thats what trolly calls em
kitty: "mams"
kitty: lol
boz: you should get a job as a matron in a women's prison
kitty: no!
kitty: i waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good looking for that
boz: and change your name to vera
kitty: aloe vera
boz: vinegar tits vera
kitty: not me!
kitty: never!

boz: man, a woman just had her eyelids cut off
kitty: huh?
boz: but it's only a movie
kitty: phew!

kitty: that'd be painful
kitty: how are u bozzie?
boz: not if you were dead
boz: I is good
kitty: coolo
boz: it's winter down there, isn't it
boz: answer me dammit!!!!
kitty: no spring
boz: hey, I've seen a couple aussie movies in the past week
kitty: esplain
boz: Fortress starring Rachel Ward
kitty: nope
boz: yep
kitty: what else
boz: she is a school teacher who is kidnapped along with all her pupils
kitty: where?
boz: in the outback
boz: I think
kitty: ok
boz: a country school, they say it was based on a true story
kitty: iiiiiiiiiiiinteresting
kitty: what else
boz: the hard word with guy pearce and rachel griffiths
kitty: ive been ,meaning to see that
kitty: should i bother>
kitty: ??

boz: ehhhh, kind of slow moving for an action movie
kitty: ok
boz: rachel griffiths was blond and she was supposed to be sexy
kitty: and?
boz: didn't work
kitty: oops
kitty: her bad
boz: yeah, she's cute enough when she's normal, but no blonde bombshell
kitty: hmmmmm i see your point
kitty: ive changed some settings on me blogoroonie
boz: what did you do?
kitty: not much
boz: I thought you were going to make a big change
kitty: i will prolly in the school hols
kitty: i just cant find anything i really like
boz: when is the holiday?
kitty: one week after this
boz: how long?
kitty: two weeks i think
boz: that's pretty good
boz: are the cleaners still on strike at school?
kitty: yeah im pretty burned out
kitty: nup
kitty: they came back yesterday
boz: I bet they had a mess to clean up
boz: did you help them?
kitty: yeah they still havent caught up
boz: are the tards back?
kitty: mmmhmmm
kitty: :)

kitty: did u sense how carefree i was last week
kitty: lol
boz: and the gay footie tecacher, have you molested him yet?
boz: teacher
kitty: not GAY

kitty: he has been sick the last two days
boz: whatever
boz: probably on holiday with his gay lover
kitty: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
kitty: no no
boz: there is nothing wrong with it
kitty: come to think of it i would much rather he didnt want to go out with me becaquse he is gay than because i repulsive
kitty: i * am repulsive
boz: or illiterate
kitty: bllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllegh
kitty: where is the new blog of yours
kitty: the chatwars one
boz: oh hold on
boz: (Link: http://chatwars.blogspot.com/)http://chatwars.blogspot.com/
boz: there ya go, you are on it
boz: I'm thinking about making some anonymous comments about you
kitty: (Link: http://www.blogger.com/templates/moto_ms/sample.html)http://www.blogger.com/templates/moto_ms/sample.html
kitty: whaddaya mean
boz: stalker type comments
boz: that is awfully pink
kitty: i know
kitty: stalker comments where/
boz: in the comments on chatwars
kitty: ok whatever
boz: what about this is so hard to understand?
kitty: sorry
kitty: im dehydrated
boz: you are not
boz: not sorry
kitty: i really like that pink one
boz: you may be dehydrated
kitty: blah blah
boz: you can take any of them and make them pink
kitty: i know but thats ALREADY done for a busy working mum like me
boz: jane doe is kind of cute, don't you think
kitty: yeah... she is dead
boz: so sad
boz: too bad
kitty: meow?
boz: do they call dead corpses jane does down there too
kitty: lol
boz: as opposed to live corpses
kitty: mmmmmmmm.. to much CSO here
kitty: lol
kitty: CSI

boz: they fired two of the stars on that show
kitty: which ones? john and jane?
boz: the younger woman and the younger guy
kitty: oh right!
kitty: (puzzled)
kitty: so rwbs has been kinda dead lately
boz: it always is on the weekend
kitty: oh yeah
kitty: i foorgetted
boz: and since sandra has been visting nacho jonnie, neither of them spend much time there
kitty: yeah
kitty: theyre too busy bonking
kitty: i think ill use that template
kitty: the pink one
boz: you mean boinking
kitty: booooooooooooink
kitty: u know those germans they love sex
kitty: i saw it in a movie once
kitty: about a rich bored housewife and a pool cleaner
boz: jonnie told me they were cyber sexing one time and he almost killed himself
kitty: ?
boz: he fell over or something
kitty: lol
kitty: woops
boz: ohhh, yeah I saw that movie too
kitty: uhoh
kitty: i think i need to go go go
boz: welcome to woop woop
kitty: yeap
kitty: ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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