Sunday, September 19, 2004

My dinner with Belle #3

Session Start (AIM - boz48730:aSortaPrincess): Sun Sep 19 01:39:35 2004
aSortaPrincess: oh no, I missed the anniversary?
boz48730: yeah, there was tang and everything too!
aSortaPrincess: oh man, i never miss out on tang!
boz48730: oh well
boz48730: where have you been?
aSortaPrincess: i'm afraid you don't have the security clearance to hear that
boz48730: I have a top secret clearance from my spy days in the air force that I never let lapse
aSortaPrincess: what level?
boz48730: top secret
aSortaPrincess: yeah, this is POP secret
aSortaPrincess: was there cake?
boz48730: nah, I only go up to Act II
boz48730: there's always cake
aSortaPrincess: have you tried that cinnabon popcorn
boz48730: no, as wild as I get is kettle corn
aSortaPrincess: i throw up on the inside just thinking about it
aSortaPrincess: i was trying to take your trivia challenge
boz48730: I think marci was killed in the hurricane
aSortaPrincess: can i have her stuff?
aSortaPrincess: maybe I was killed in the hurricane
aSortaPrincess: and that explains my absence
boz48730: maybe you are marci
boz48730: and that would explain why you want her stuff
aSortaPrincess: maybe
boz48730: how did you do on the trivia, it's mostly old school stuff
aSortaPrincess: no, i don't like midgets
aSortaPrincess: i could only answer one
aSortaPrincess: make that two
boz48730: which one ... which two?
aSortaPrincess: ok three
boz48730: three is good
aSortaPrincess: your zip code, dvl's name, and gothy grrl hahahahaha
boz48730: duh, you should have gotten the first one right just by scrolling up to the top of the page
aSortaPrincess: oh wait i knew that too
aSortaPrincess: i missed that question
aSortaPrincess: so who is the voice of your conscience
boz48730: frank sinatra
aSortaPrincess: and who is your illegitimate daughter
boz48730: cacoa
boz48730: four right, you might just win, hell, one right you might just win
aSortaPrincess: what do i win!!!!!!!!!!!
aSortaPrincess: i also know the pimpress one
aSortaPrincess: can i have a puppy
aSortaPrincess: a chocolate one
boz48730: sure
boz48730: why not
boz48730: but if you get kicked out of your condo, don't come crying to me
aSortaPrincess: i would too
aSortaPrincess: i'd have to go live with mother boz
boz48730: noooooooo
boz48730: nooooooooooooooooooo
aSortaPrincess: don't fight it
boz48730: I slept all day today
aSortaPrincess: i bet i have you beat
aSortaPrincess: i got up at 7:30pm!
boz48730: geez
aSortaPrincess: i have been comatose lately
boz48730: all night bender?
boz48730: shock treatment?
aSortaPrincess: i went to bed at noon
boz48730: lobotomy?
boz48730: noon today or noon yesterday?
aSortaPrincess: noon today
aSortaPrincess: i had just flown in from my secret assignment in bangladesh
boz48730: did you see that kid that george harrison adopted?
aSortaPrincess: i'm worried i have the rat poisoning
aSortaPrincess: i can play a george harrison song on the clarinet
boz48730: which one
aSortaPrincess: i've got my mind set on you
boz48730: no, which george harrison
aSortaPrincess: there's more than one?
boz48730: well, not anymore
boz48730: at least not living
aSortaPrincess: you're not concerned that i have the rat poisoning?
boz48730: they made two videos of that song
aSortaPrincess: am i in one?
boz48730: "THE" rat poisioning?
boz48730: yeah, you're in the clarinet version
aSortaPrincess: yes THE
aSortaPrincess: am i wearing a jean skirt?
boz48730: now?
aSortaPrincess: I also think I have the leukemia of the right knee
aSortaPrincess: no, in the video
boz48730: what am I the amazing randi???
aSortaPrincess: do people still wear jean skirts?
boz48730: yeah, i saw a girl today wearing one
aSortaPrincess: you're probably wearing one
aSortaPrincess: it doesn't count if you had traveled back in time
boz48730: no, but I could put one on if it would amuse you
aSortaPrincess: you have one handy?
boz48730: one?
boz48730: haha, try a closet full
aSortaPrincess: two?
aSortaPrincess: a tupperware full you mean
boz48730: bite me
aSortaPrincess: the plot thickens
boz48730: I really did see a girl in a jean skirt today
aSortaPrincess: maybe it was me from the past visiting
aSortaPrincess: did i have a clarinet?
boz48730: she was listening to hall and oates
aSortaPrincess: maneater?
aSortaPrincess: it really was me
aSortaPrincess: you were visited from the ghost of belle past
boz48730: yeah, it could have been you, I thought it was a machine gun case, but it could have held a clarinet
boz48730: and a maching gun
aSortaPrincess: i couldn't afford a case
aSortaPrincess: or a clarinet
aSortaPrincess: i built mine out of dryer lint and sticks from the woods mikey and i started on fire
boz48730: did you tie a rope around it and sling it over your back like the hippie jonnies used to do?
aSortaPrincess: i wore it as a necklace
boz48730: I turn all my dryer lint in at the hospital they use it as sterile gauze
boz48730: it's a community hospital
boz48730: it all helps
boz48730: if mikey were to show up at your door tonight would you invite him in for Boggle?
aSortaPrincess: that depends
aSortaPrincess: if cher was w ith him or not
boz48730: mom, my head hurts
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaha
aSortaPrincess: that makes me laugh every time!
boz48730: the classics never go out of style
aSortaPrincess: what is super granny
boz48730: I beg your pardon?
aSortaPrincess: never mind
aSortaPrincess: i was looking at the AIM games
boz48730: oh
boz48730: I'm on trillian not aim
aSortaPrincess: well aren't you special!!!!
boz48730: all the kids at the cool table are on trillian
aSortaPrincess: i hear music when there isn't any music
aSortaPrincess: i probably have some rare form of tinnitus that causes me to hear ashlee simpson and bach instead of ringing
boz48730: I have tinnitus
aSortaPrincess: do you really?
boz48730: yep
boz48730: answer the damn phone!
boz48730: oh, nevermind
aSortaPrincess: that doesn't mean you have tinnitus!
aSortaPrincess: i hear the phone all the time too
aSortaPrincess: but usually it is really ringing
boz48730: well I don't operate a sex line so I wouldn't really know about that
aSortaPrincess: did you receive a blow to the head?
aSortaPrincess: that is sometimes the cause of tinnitus
boz48730: tonight?
aSortaPrincess: any night
boz48730: no, but I did stare charlie down from the wrong end of a bayonet, could that cause it?
aSortaPrincess: maybe you take too much asprin
boz48730: I don't take aspirin
aSortaPrincess: liar!
aSortaPrincess: an asprin a day!
boz48730: I use pamprin
aSortaPrincess: you should switch to midol
boz48730: I use that too
boz48730: and you know it does help with the cramping
aSortaPrincess: does it help with the mood swings?
aSortaPrincess: i usually just kill someone, that helps
boz48730: mood rings... mood rings?
aSortaPrincess: you DO have tinnitus
boz48730: did you ever have a mood ring?
aSortaPrincess: i wish i had one now
aSortaPrincess: i used to put mine in the freezer
boz48730: I had earth shoes but no mood ring
aSortaPrincess: earth shoes?
aSortaPrincess: the arch nemesis of moon boots?
boz48730: you don't know what earth shoes are?
aSortaPrincess: nope
boz48730: they were popular back in the seventies, they were supposed to help your posture,
aSortaPrincess: likely story
boz48730: they still sell them too
aSortaPrincess: they still sell crack too
boz48730: I'm trying to find a picture
aSortaPrincess: i think i just blew out my left ear drum
boz48730: you're a walking grey's anatomy aren't you
aSortaPrincess: GRAY!
boz48730: whatever
aSortaPrincess: i've killed for less
aSortaPrincess: i'm a descendent of henry gray
boz48730: who is he?
boz48730: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: those are cute
aSortaPrincess: put them on with your jean skirt
boz48730: they look nicer now, newer styles
boz48730: no, with my bellbottom cords, snap button cowboy shirt and my jean jacket
boz48730: this is the kind I had!!!
boz48730: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaha
aSortaPrincess: i like the other ones better
boz48730: well, yeah, these are thirty years old
aSortaPrincess: so you wore a size5 womens
boz48730: only on crossdressing night
boz48730: I think I'll bid on them
aSortaPrincess: yeah you totally should. and then you should bid on a wig too
aSortaPrincess: did you hear macaulay culkin was arrested for being a crack whore
boz48730: damn, I was just thinking about him
aSortaPrincess: marijuanna actually
aSortaPrincess: i can't even spell marijaunananjajaklfjilasjdflka hahahaha
boz48730: his movie was on tonight, or was it last night
aSortaPrincess: i think they should let him go
aSortaPrincess: it should be a law that you have to BE on drugs to travel through oklahoma city
boz48730: why was he there?
aSortaPrincess: no one knows
aSortaPrincess: it is one the worlds greatest mysteries
boz48730: his ex wifes movie was on tonight
aSortaPrincess: i think what happened was he was abducted by aliens
boz48730: the one where she spends all her time naked and on the toilet
aSortaPrincess: what's it called?
boz48730: Bully
boz48730: it was on IFC
boz48730: actually the part she played could very easily been based on you
aSortaPrincess: what!
aSortaPrincess: i don't spend all day on the toilet!
boz48730: she was the brains behind the murder
boz48730: she manipulated the rest of the gang
boz48730: it was a good movie
boz48730: rent it
boz48730: buy it
boz48730: steal it
boz48730: **** says gene siskal
aSortaPrincess: gene is dead!
aSortaPrincess: you won't fool me again with that!
boz48730: poor gene
aSortaPrincess: so do you think i could be the brains behind a murder
boz48730: again?
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: well, you did mastermind the pamela smart thing, didn't you?
aSortaPrincess: i wish!
aSortaPrincess: don't mind the blood pouring out of my left ear please
aSortaPrincess: I don't think I could manipulate the crowd
aSortaPrincess: no one ever believes me anymore
boz48730: stick some kleenex in your ear, it always helps me
aSortaPrincess: I'm about to stick a hammer in there
boz48730: you have a hammer handy?
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: I should buy a pair of earth shoes, the original 70's hippie earth shoe
aSortaPrincess: you should
boz48730: (Link:
boz48730: 19.99 buy it now
aSortaPrincess: don't they make them in any other colors?
aSortaPrincess: like pink?
aSortaPrincess: that isn't your color
boz48730: the only one in my size though
aSortaPrincess: well ok
aSortaPrincess: but what if you catch something
boz48730: you mean they aren't new?
boz48730: forget it!!!!
aSortaPrincess: I can see it now
aSortaPrincess: it will end badly, you having to get your foot cut off
boz48730: this is making me all nostalgic, I feel like watching Welcome Back Kotter
aSortaPrincess: and the surgeon will be that inmate mother boz is trying to set you up with
boz48730: now they wore earth shoes!
aSortaPrincess: i wonder if welcome back kotter is out on dvd
boz48730: it's on vhs on ebay
boz48730: no dvd but it is on beta!
aSortaPrincess: hahaha
aSortaPrincess: the vhs on ebay is someone's personal copy
boz48730: my sister had a beta max player, it was as big as a volkswagon
boz48730: guess what is on dvd???
boz48730: (Link:
boz48730: it looks like a michael jackson slumber party!
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: why do they have ice cream
boz48730: they are at the diner
aSortaPrincess: that's scary
boz48730: Rob's place
aSortaPrincess: is this the same diner whoopi took the crazy interrupted girls to for ice cream
aSortaPrincess: how do i get there
boz48730: practice
aSortaPrincess: mapquest me some directions
boz48730: I think Re-Run rode the short bus with Corky
boz48730: you know Dee is a vet
boz48730: she fought in Desert Storm
boz48730: nah, she's a veteranarian
boz48730: (Link:
boz48730: Dy-nooooooooo-mite
boz48730: my uncle used to call me Dynomite after JJ
aSortaPrincess: did he really
boz48730: yep
aSortaPrincess: before or after the bad touch
boz48730: during
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: excellent
aSortaPrincess: i think that guy is cute
boz48730: which one
aSortaPrincess: the dad guy
boz48730: john amos
aSortaPrincess: OJ
aSortaPrincess: does he have famous cookies?
boz48730: hahaha
boz48730: how come janet jackson isn't pictured?
aSortaPrincess: she had a wardrobe malfunction
boz48730: Dy-nooooooooooooo-mite!
boz48730: did you know that Jay Leno and David Letterman both used to work for Jimmie Walker as joke writers
boz48730: I used to have hair like the blonde guy
boz48730: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: there is no blonde guy
aSortaPrincess: is this a joke
aSortaPrincess: you had an afro?
boz48730: no, hutch!
boz48730: keepup
aSortaPrincess: I'm trying
boz48730: it's the ear thing, right
aSortaPrincess: yes
aSortaPrincess: totally throwing off my balance
boz48730: hutch is wearing earth shoes too
aSortaPrincess: you sent me the wrong link too
aSortaPrincess: so it's your fault i can't see
boz48730: (Link:
boz48730: that should work
aSortaPrincess: i do see a striking resemblance now
aSortaPrincess: do you have a jean jacket
aSortaPrincess: to wear with your jean skirt
boz48730: i did
boz48730: but it was more form fitting than hutch's
boz48730: but I did have a leather jacket just like starsky's
aSortaPrincess: move over bacon, it's time for SIZZLElean!
boz48730: but I never wore the collar of my shirt over the collar of my jacket
aSortaPrincess: i just saw a listmania on amazon that said "tv for people who like to be challenged" but i thought it said "tv for people who are challenged"
aSortaPrincess: that explains a lot then
boz48730: unless I was drunk or in a hurry
boz48730: I love the amazon listmania's
aSortaPrincess: you looked more like one of these guys
aSortaPrincess: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: i used to have hair like the girl in the middle here
boz48730: no I didn't, my other uncle used to call me Hutch, all the time
boz48730: what girl?
aSortaPrincess: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: hahaha
boz48730: mmmmmmm lynda carter
boz48730: with a y
aSortaPrincess: wow even when she was on charlie's angels farrah fawcett looked like she could kill her kids while rocking out to duran duran
boz48730: this is as much fun as infomercials
aSortaPrincess: i miss the man with the big saggy breasts holding up jack lalanne though
boz48730: john ritter?
aSortaPrincess: hahaha
aSortaPrincess: RIP
boz48730: his wife and kids are suing the hosptia;
boz48730: l
aSortaPrincess: they are?
aSortaPrincess: his son is on that show with the girl that talks to god
boz48730: ???
aSortaPrincess: what are they suing for?
boz48730: his wife was the crystal bernards sister on Wings
aSortaPrincess: yeah I know that
aSortaPrincess: now she is going to have an affair with fonzie
boz48730: for money
boz48730: poor crystal
aSortaPrincess: is she dead too

boz48730: no, but didn't she used to date fonzie too
aSortaPrincess: you should get a cowboy hat to wear with your earth shoes and jean skirt and jacket combo
aSortaPrincess: (Link:
boz48730: I always wanted a cowbot hat
aSortaPrincess: i have a feeling it is only a matter of time unti crystal bernard becomes a lifetime movie
aSortaPrincess: i always wanted to be daisy
boz48730: but more like the kind Hoss wore on Bonanza
boz48730: tell me those two aren't gay
aSortaPrincess: they aren't gay
boz48730: they could have been extras in the Al Pacino movie Cruising
boz48730: they never had dates, did they?
aSortaPrincess: bo is married
boz48730: sure that stuff is legal in hawaii
aSortaPrincess: hahaha
aSortaPrincess: to a woman!
aSortaPrincess: he is on smallville now
boz48730: I never understood why daisy duke wore pantyhose with her daisy dukes, she even wore pantyhose to bed
aSortaPrincess: you have a fetish for that don't you
aSortaPrincess: maybe she had vericose veins
boz48730: I have a fetish for vericose veins
boz48730: it's the latest plastic surgery rage in hollywood
aSortaPrincess: maybe she had prosthesis and the pantyhose were keeping it on
boz48730: I read where sarah michelle geller just had some vericose vein implants
boz48730: you have a prothesis fetish don't you
aSortaPrincess: who doesn't
boz48730: paul mccartney does
aSortaPrincess: paul mccartney IS a prosthesis
boz48730: I thought he was antithesis
aSortaPrincess: anti something!
boz48730: he's still my favorite beatle
aSortaPrincess: I'll be sure to let him know
boz48730: he's a client of yours?
boz48730: I bet he makes you talk like yoko ono
aSortaPrincess: like I don't already talk like yoko ono
boz48730: your time in the white slave trade in tokyo wasn't a waste after all
aSortaPrincess: all i know is in the middle of the phone sex he got kinda upset when i tried to throw in how i could play a george harrison song on my clarinet
aSortaPrincess: i make the most of any situation
boz48730: he probably thought you said you played george harrison's clarinet
boz48730: wink wink
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
boz48730: I hope this will amuse your anonymous commenter
aSortaPrincess: you shouldn't post it
aSortaPrincess: someone hates me!
boz48730: someone?
aSortaPrincess: who is it?
aSortaPrincess: you?
aSortaPrincess: ok, everyone
boz48730: it's martin sheen's wife
boz48730: afro sheen
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaha
boz48730: that is her name, isn't it?
aSortaPrincess: nope
aSortaPrincess: Janet
aSortaPrincess: Janet Jackson Sheen
boz48730: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
boz48730: liar
aSortaPrincess: who is it though
boz48730: did you see the art pictures I posted on buzznet
aSortaPrincess: not yet
boz48730: the anonymous commenter?
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: I think it's either pee wee herman or gallagher
aSortaPrincess: you mean the pictures of your hands
boz48730: no, the newer ones
aSortaPrincess: the shaving ones?
boz48730: yeah
boz48730: and the foggy mirror one
aSortaPrincess: you look like you are in pain
aSortaPrincess: you should submit those to LIFE
boz48730: when am I not in pain
boz48730: i could win a pulitzer for the foggy mirror b&w
aSortaPrincess: that is pretty good
aSortaPrincess: I will nominate you
boz48730: life cereal?
aSortaPrincess: mikey likes it
boz48730: cher's mikey?
aSortaPrincess: oiafjioejfoiajf
aSortaPrincess: oh my god
boz48730: it always comes back to mikey with you, doesn't it
aSortaPrincess: you won't believe this but i swear it's true
boz48730: mikey just dropped by!
aSortaPrincess: i was just looking to see why emilio and charlie were spazzing out
aSortaPrincess: my cats are playing with matches!
boz48730: bad kitties
boz48730: bad
aSortaPrincess: that's hysterical
boz48730: they've been spending too much time with the catnip monkey of doom
aSortaPrincess: there is nothing left of the catnip mokey of doom
boz48730: not even the tail?
aSortaPrincess: the tail is the first thing to go
boz48730: damn
aSortaPrincess: you went camping in the park?
boz48730: no
boz48730: i went picture taking in the park
aSortaPrincess: why is there a park for refugee children there
aSortaPrincess: your buzznet reads like a murder mystery
boz48730: this sounds like an episode of twilight zone
aSortaPrincess: maybe it is
aSortaPrincess: where is your stalker
boz48730: oh, the buzznet stalker
boz48730: she is on hiatus, she was stalking everyone, not just me
aSortaPrincess: oh
aSortaPrincess: she wasnt' stalking me
boz48730: everyone on buzznet
aSortaPrincess: i am on buzznet
boz48730: did you see the pic of the exericse area of the county jail?
aSortaPrincess: No!
boz48730: then maybe you are the one doing the stalking
boz48730: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: is her name xxxxxxxxxxx
boz48730: no
aSortaPrincess: who were you visiting
aSortaPrincess: that man mother boz set you up with?
boz48730: no, I was visiting mother boz
aSortaPrincess: ok listen boz
boz48730: ok
aSortaPrincess: i see all these pictures of children's parks and stuff
aSortaPrincess: BUT NO CHILDREN
aSortaPrincess: what is going on over there at the refugee camp
aSortaPrincess: who is yyyyyy
boz48730: you don't see the children?
aSortaPrincess: umm no
boz48730: the children are everywhere
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaha noooo!
boz48730: she is the 16 year old girl who said I was 'awesome"
aSortaPrincess: she really likes you
aSortaPrincess: you post a pic of keys and she says "i wish i had keys like that"
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: that is hysterical
boz48730: I make her call me gramps
boz48730: don't make fun now
aSortaPrincess: hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
boz48730: cause I got really nice keys
aSortaPrincess: wow i just looked at her buzznet
boz48730: yeah, all pervy and stuff
aSortaPrincess: kids these days!
boz48730: look at all the pervs leaving pervy comments too
aSortaPrincess: nah, i got bored
aSortaPrincess: i am only interested in seeing pictures of child refugees
boz48730: that happens a lot with you
boz48730: it's a HARBOR OF REFUGE, not refugees!!!
aSortaPrincess: wow, aren't we excitable
aSortaPrincess: i can call it whatever i like
boz48730: oh, can you no
boz48730: now
aSortaPrincess: i like my version better
boz48730: think of the children!
aSortaPrincess: doesn't matter since they ARENT THERE
boz48730: they are there
aSortaPrincess: uh huh
boz48730: you have to believe
boz48730: do you believe???
aSortaPrincess: no ronald mcdonald, i don't believe in magic
boz48730: they are all at a pool party at yyyyyy's house
aSortaPrincess: damn
boz48730: weren't invited, were you
aSortaPrincess: i am not a refugee like everyone else in East Taiwan
boz48730: hahahaha
boz48730: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa
boz48730: ah go to Bangor for Boggle
aSortaPrincess: what?
aSortaPrincess: no hablo
boz48730: and you'd better put a smoke alarm over the kitty litter box
aSortaPrincess: i took the matches away
boz48730: and the bic lighter under their bed?
boz48730: you didn't know about that, did you
aSortaPrincess: they don't have a bed
aSortaPrincess: i lock them in the bathroom at night
boz48730: dude! that is so evil
aSortaPrincess: i put a night light in there
boz48730: sure, to ease your conscious, damn if it helps the cats any
boz48730: conscinsce
aSortaPrincess: i think they like it
boz48730: guilt
aSortaPrincess: it's a big room really
boz48730: yeah, I bet in the morning you find the two of them huddled together for protection from the evil one eyed beast in the corner
aSortaPrincess: why is my neighbor in the corner?
aSortaPrincess: they usually are huddled together though
aSortaPrincess: but i think they just love each other
boz48730: the cats and the neighbor?
aSortaPrincess: i have to do it anyway, otherwise they are trouble
aSortaPrincess: don't tell ASPCA on me
boz48730: do they protest?
aSortaPrincess: or i will tell them you collect refugee children
aSortaPrincess: sometimes
aSortaPrincess: they run away when i try to get them
aSortaPrincess: if i just had charlie i would let him sleep with me
boz48730: oh sure
boz48730: that's what heidi said
aSortaPrincess: but emilio is trouble and together, forget it, they just jump on my head and stuff
aSortaPrincess: and i bet she wasn't the only one
boz48730: It's late
aSortaPrincess: i only sleep for like one hour a night anyway, i dont want it to be disrupted
aSortaPrincess: yes it is!
aSortaPrincess: don't post this since i named names!
boz48730: time to put your cats in the gas chamber, I mean the bathroom for the night
aSortaPrincess: it's better than burying them in the backyard
boz48730: i guess
boz48730: I'm posting this,
aSortaPrincess: you can't
boz48730: why not
aSortaPrincess: i named names of all your buzznet friends
boz48730: so, like they'd read this?
aSortaPrincess: they will when i email it to them
boz48730: then it doesn't matter, does it
aSortaPrincess: FINE!
aSortaPrincess: edit it out
boz48730: I will, I'll give them fake identities
aSortaPrincess: edit everything except for your love of refugee camps
aSortaPrincess: ok
aSortaPrincess: I'm going to bed
boz48730: don't make me start singing tom petty songs
boz48730: goodnight belle
aSortaPrincess: night boz!
boz48730: night
Session Close (aSortaPrincess): Sun Sep 19 03:55:31 2004

Session Start (AIM - boz48730:aSortaPrincess): Sun Sep 19 03:55:56 2004
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