Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Dinner With Gary Sinise

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Session Start (AIM - boz48730:aSortaPrincess): Thu Sep 23 01:27:56 2004
boz48730: belle?
aSortaPrincess: boz?
boz48730: yes
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: you aren't dead after all
aSortaPrincess: was i suppposed to be?
boz48730: if the hit when through you were
aSortaPrincess: damn gary sinise, did he put me on a hit list again
boz48730: you'd better quit messing with sinise, he's bad news
aSortaPrincess: he's all talk
boz48730: tell that to bubba
aSortaPrincess: shrimp?
boz48730: yep
boz48730: I guess when you lose your legs you get mean, powerful mean
aSortaPrincess: i hear the same thing happens when you lose the hair on your legs
boz48730: I wouldn't know
aSortaPrincess: you had implants?
boz48730: a rug
boz48730: so were you cat stevens last night?
aSortaPrincess: umm
aSortaPrincess: no hablo
boz48730: at karaoke
aSortaPrincess: yeah, that was me
aSortaPrincess: did you know they have movieoke now
boz48730: what is that?
aSortaPrincess: it's karaoke
aSortaPrincess: but movies instead of music
boz48730: so you mean you could do a scene with martin sheen?
aSortaPrincess: yes!
aSortaPrincess: but he wouldn't really be there
aSortaPrincess: unless i tied him up and all
boz48730: he isn't really "there" anyway
aSortaPrincess: hey!
boz48730: man, does my back hurt
boz48730: I think everybody hates me too
aSortaPrincess: do you want me to prescribe you something
aSortaPrincess: why?
boz48730: why does it hurt?
aSortaPrincess: because of your legs?
aSortaPrincess: why does everybody hate you?
boz48730: nah, because I'm a rebel, that doesn't live by society's norms
aSortaPrincess: are you like judd nelson
boz48730: I'm uber judd nelson
boz48730: hey, I like judd
aSortaPrincess: then you should be adored by society
aSortaPrincess: especially molly ringwald
boz48730: I'm like three day old fish, just toss me out with the rest of the leftovers
boz48730: molly ringwald is evil
aSortaPrincess: are you glum today?
boz48730: yeah, cause my back hurts
aSortaPrincess: have mother boz walk on it
boz48730: and everyone hates me
boz48730: no way
aSortaPrincess: whatever you do don't put a gun in your mouth and do a video post
boz48730: I could do that
aSortaPrincess: no one hates you
boz48730: no one?
aSortaPrincess: well no one more than the usual
boz48730: then everyone is ignoring me
aSortaPrincess: who is "everyone"
boz48730: what is this the spanish inquistion?
aSortaPrincess: no hablo!
aSortaPrincess: i am trying to get deep in your soul and find out what the problem is
boz48730: don't pull that salma hayek act with me
boz48730: she was good in once upon a time in mexico, a movie I enjoyed in spite of myself
aSortaPrincess: i just can't bring myself to like her
aSortaPrincess: i have revised my list though
boz48730: oh?
boz48730: molly ringwald is on it now, right
aSortaPrincess: yeah her and whoopi
boz48730: good choice, hey I don't want to sound bitchy but what does Antonio Banderas see in what's her name?
aSortaPrincess: who? melanie?
boz48730: the one with the collagen disfigured lips, yeah melanie
aSortaPrincess: everyone has collagen disfigured lips
boz48730: not me
aSortaPrincess: i think he likes her for her milk money
boz48730: she was good in that
boz48730: she was better suited to sonny crockett though
aSortaPrincess: i saw this thing on vh1
aSortaPrincess: obsessed
boz48730: and?
boz48730: vh1 is like the new PBS
aSortaPrincess: where this guy was obsessed with miami vice and had a miami vice wedding and invited Tubs to be his best man and he actually went
boz48730: well, like tubbs had something better to do
aSortaPrincess: and the guy said if he had to choose between miami vice and his wife he would choose miami vice!
boz48730: who wouldn't!
aSortaPrincess: the guy cried only when tubbs made a toast, not when he saw his bride or anything
boz48730: what was the toast?
aSortaPrincess: the usual 'live long and prosper' or whatever
aSortaPrincess: AND
aSortaPrincess: the wedding cake was tubbs face
boz48730: no
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: noooooooooo
aSortaPrincess: it was a riot
aSortaPrincess: AND
aSortaPrincess: they had this big screen tv they were showing clips of the couple when they were young and stuff and then all of a sudden the miami vice soundtrack started and it played clips from the show
boz48730: I liked the part where the womens boobs were bouncing up and down
aSortaPrincess: you were there?
boz48730: no, on the intro to miami vice
aSortaPrincess: the guys actual best man was pissed that Tubbs came and took his place
boz48730: that's weak
aSortaPrincess: it was crazy
aSortaPrincess: people like that make me feel sane
boz48730: I could see him being pissed if it was the chubby guy, but not tubbs
aSortaPrincess: tubbs is the chubby guy isnt' he
boz48730: no
aSortaPrincess: i'm going to name my second born tubbs
aSortaPrincess: then why do they call him tubbs
aSortaPrincess: who is tubbs
boz48730: the black guy that crockett ignored after the first season
aSortaPrincess: yes
aSortaPrincess: he's chubby
boz48730: ok the fat guy then
aSortaPrincess: who is the fat guy?
boz48730: I don't know his name
aSortaPrincess: well fine then
boz48730: (Link:
boz48730: this guy
aSortaPrincess: i don't know him
aSortaPrincess: i never watched miami vice
boz48730: well, then you'd better not have a miami vice themed wedding
boz48730: (Link:
boz48730: this guy was my favorite
aSortaPrincess: hmm
aSortaPrincess: i don't like him
boz48730: he's a man's man
boz48730: you wait, I can smell a miami vice movie coming along in the next year or two
aSortaPrincess: starring ben stilller?
boz48730: josh hartnett as crockett
boz48730: and gary coleman as tubbs
aSortaPrincess: i have a friend who looks EXACTLy like josh hartnett
aSortaPrincess: gary coleman hahaha
aSortaPrincess: he's dead though
boz48730: it's a guy right?
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: might have been better if it was a woman
aSortaPrincess: well
boz48730: gary is hasselhofs gay midget lover
aSortaPrincess: what can i say
aSortaPrincess: old news
boz48730: what can I say
boz48730: so tell me about your "friend" the josh hartnett look a like
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: i tell everyone he is gay
boz48730: you brought it up, you must want to talk about it
aSortaPrincess: no really
aSortaPrincess: i bring up a lot of things
boz48730: like phlegm
aSortaPrincess: mucus
boz48730: that's a pretty word isn't it, phlegm
aSortaPrincess: my leukemia of the knee is better
aSortaPrincess: no
boz48730: I was just going to ask about that
aSortaPrincess: yeah right
aSortaPrincess: here i am dying and you don't care!
boz48730: any scars?
aSortaPrincess: everyone hates me!
aSortaPrincess: no
aSortaPrincess: i saw a family of deer today
boz48730: at the IHOP?
boz48730: Denny's?
aSortaPrincess: in my back yard
boz48730: I get that once in awhile
aSortaPrincess: do they come up and knock on your door too?
aSortaPrincess: and ask if you want to buy cookies?
boz48730: I actually almost stepped on a deer that was asleep in the woods
aSortaPrincess: no way!
boz48730: yeah I did
aSortaPrincess: wow, it slept through it?
boz48730: I was walking my dog in the woods
boz48730: no
boz48730: he woke up when we were right next to him
aSortaPrincess: you don't have a dog
boz48730: scared the shit out of me
boz48730: not anymore
boz48730: but I did for 16 years
aSortaPrincess: what happened when he woke up
aSortaPrincess: wow
aSortaPrincess: i'm sorry
boz48730: he stampeded
aSortaPrincess: attacked you?
boz48730: no, took off in the other direction
aSortaPrincess: deer don't attack
boz48730: we ran into a skunk once too
aSortaPrincess: that was a trick question
aSortaPrincess: i'm so tricky!!!
aSortaPrincess: i should turn tricks
aSortaPrincess: what happened to the skunk?
boz48730: I know, and you notice how I go right on ignoring you
boz48730: to the skunk?
aSortaPrincess: my mom took a wild squirrel and kept him as a pet once
boz48730: as opposed to a domesticated squirrel
aSortaPrincess: yes
aSortaPrincess: he ate through the box
boz48730: they do that
aSortaPrincess: and then he ate my mom
boz48730: with a nice chianti?
aSortaPrincess: do they do that too?
boz48730: the wild ones do
aSortaPrincess: no, with non alcoholic beer
aSortaPrincess: RIP mommy
boz48730: you call your mother mommy?
boz48730: how sweet
aSortaPrincess: no
aSortaPrincess: i don't actually speak to my mommy
boz48730: sign language right
aSortaPrincess: no
aSortaPrincess: no form of communication
boz48730: esp?
boz48730: well she's dead how could you
boz48730: I am channeling your mother as we speak
aSortaPrincess: what does she have to say
boz48730: stay away from gary sinisse
aSortaPrincess: nope
aSortaPrincess: my mother IS gary sinise
boz48730: well, no things are starting to make sense
boz48730: now
boz48730: doesn't he have a new show, CSI-Bangor?
aSortaPrincess: yeah and here's my review of it, i watched it while doing laundry:
boz48730: I think they should get the three stars of the various CSI's together, have them go to a convention on the same plane and have the plane crash
*** You have been disconnected. Thu Sep 23 02:12:06 2004.
*** aSortaPrincess signed on at Thu Sep 23 02:12:12 2004.
aSortaPrincess: to make it clear that it's in NY they make it all dark like
aSortaPrincess: it's dumb
boz48730: what happened, I was disconnected!
aSortaPrincess: what?
boz48730: yeah, i was disconnected from chat for a second
aSortaPrincess: wow you missed a lot then
boz48730: I think they should get the three stars of the various CSI's together, have them go to a convention on the same plane and have the plane crash
aSortaPrincess: eva gabor stopped in to say hi
aSortaPrincess: there are only 3 stars?
boz48730: well, she always said she'd rather be in new york
boz48730: yeah, the number one guys
aSortaPrincess: that red headed bastard twin of william h. macy and gary sinise and who?
boz48730: sinise, the guy who looks like opie taylor and the guy on the original one
boz48730: the one no one knows the name of, but I saw him in a movie where reece witherspoon played his daughter and alyssa milano was reece's best friend and reece was being stalked by mark wahlberg
aSortaPrincess: oh yes
boz48730: fear
aSortaPrincess: the guy whose dog got killed by marky mark
boz48730: yeah
boz48730: I own that movie
aSortaPrincess: and he was an architect
boz48730: yeah
aSortaPrincess: you love it that much?
boz48730: and alyssa was a slut
aSortaPrincess: a druggie slut
boz48730: no, I got it when I promised not to stalk reece witherspoon anymore, it was her payoff to me
aSortaPrincess: did you get cruel intentions too?
aSortaPrincess: are you disconnected?
boz48730: I wish
boz48730: no
boz48730: William Petersen is the guy
aSortaPrincess: what happens when i click this
*** aSortaPrincess signed off at Thu Sep 23 02:18:23 2004.
boz48730: (Link:
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*** aSortaPrincess signed on at Thu Sep 23 02:18:51 2004.
boz48730: (Link:
aSortaPrincess: what happened
boz48730: nothing
aSortaPrincess: oh he is creepy looking there
boz48730: yeah, doing the fonzie
boz48730: ayhhhhhhhh
aSortaPrincess: if he was my dad i would act out too and go out with marky mark
boz48730: who wouldn't
boz48730: unless he brought donnie along
aSortaPrincess: donnie!
boz48730: you're still crushing on donnie, aren't you
aSortaPrincess: donnie was only my fourth favorite new kid
boz48730: how many were there?
aSortaPrincess: 5
boz48730: you didn't like the obviously gay one did you
aSortaPrincess: none of them were gay!
boz48730: yeah, right
aSortaPrincess: one of them is on the Surreal Life
aSortaPrincess: on the new pbs
aSortaPrincess: vh1
boz48730: thge gay one?
aSortaPrincess: jordan
aSortaPrincess: and he has a kid and likes WOMEN
aSortaPrincess: he's plump though now
boz48730: likes women but loves men
aSortaPrincess: you sound like you know what you're talking about there
boz48730: who else is on the surreal life on the new pbs
aSortaPrincess: charo
boz48730: mmmm
aSortaPrincess: AND!!!!
boz48730: she's even too old for me
aSortaPrincess: dave coulier
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaha
boz48730: does he constantly bring up alanis morrisette?
aSortaPrincess: no, but when he first came he was saying he was on full house blah blah and jordan was like "the one with the twins" and then said something like "i'd like to get them in the hot tub" and dave got all pissed off! ahahahaha
boz48730: hahaha
boz48730: dave is the reason that the twins have doubled their security staff
boz48730: but seriously, dave does the best bullwinkle I've ever heard
aSortaPrincess: brigitte nielsen is on there too
aSortaPrincess: yeah that's his claim to fame
boz48730: why don't I watch these shows?
aSortaPrincess: i don't know
boz48730: I'd watch a full house re-union if they ever had one
aSortaPrincess: but brigitte nielsen walks around naked
boz48730: but since kimmy gibbler died it'll never happen
aSortaPrincess: bob saggett died too
aSortaPrincess: AIDS
boz48730: hey, guess what other former teen got arrested last week
boz48730: tracey gold
aSortaPrincess: yes for DUI!
aSortaPrincess: with her kids!
aSortaPrincess: how nuts is she
aSortaPrincess: her mugshot looks soooo sad
boz48730: is she the skinny one?
boz48730: or the one from benson?
aSortaPrincess: the skinny eating disorder one
aSortaPrincess: from growing pains
boz48730: yeah
aSortaPrincess: oh man i loved benson
boz48730: hahaha
boz48730: jerry seinfeld was on benson
aSortaPrincess: i used to sneak up to watch it
aSortaPrincess: even though it was on at only lik e7:30
aSortaPrincess: my mom made me go to bed at like 5pm
boz48730: can you blame her
aSortaPrincess: i guess not since i was starting fires and stealing motorcycles
aSortaPrincess: but still i just really wanted to watch Benson!
boz48730: and running around with gary sinesse
aSortaPrincess: when i have kids i will make them go to bed at 5pm too
boz48730: didn't benson work for the governor of nh?
aSortaPrincess: benson IS the governor of NH
boz48730: well of course he is ... NOW
boz48730: and nancy kerrigan is the lt governor
aSortaPrincess: i wish!
boz48730: ooooooh, yesterday was eric's birthday
aSortaPrincess: i wish nancy kerrigan would teach me to ice skate
aSortaPrincess: stolz?
boz48730: I was gonna post it, but since everyone hates me ... is there any other eric?
aSortaPrincess: no one hates you!
aSortaPrincess: how old is he?
boz48730: 43
aSortaPrincess: minnie driver did a itunes play list
boz48730: he's older than cher!
aSortaPrincess: she should get together with eric stolz
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: cher is like 100
boz48730: yeah, but most of her parts are less than 43 years old
aSortaPrincess: cher scares me truthfully
aSortaPrincess: minnie driver looks like slash from guns n roses
boz48730: did you see the movie where she played a lawyer, now how believable is that?
aSortaPrincess: i did like mermaids
boz48730: cher not minnie
aSortaPrincess: but mostly for that guy that drove the bus
boz48730: otto?
aSortaPrincess: jake ryan from 16 candles
boz48730: christina ricci was in that too, wasn't she?
boz48730: jake ryan is dumb as cement
aSortaPrincess: winona too
boz48730: and bob hoskins
aSortaPrincess: i love jake ryan!
boz48730: what a cast!!!!
boz48730: so that's why you hate molly ringwald
aSortaPrincess: you hate molly, not me
aSortaPrincess: tell me why everyone hates you
boz48730: oh yeah, I forgot
boz48730: you'll have to ask them that
aSortaPrincess: well tell me why you think everyone hates you
boz48730: ohhh, one of your clever tricks to get me to talk
aSortaPrincess: well
aSortaPrincess: tell me
boz48730: sure, you'd like that, wouldn't you
aSortaPrincess: yes
boz48730: I dunno, it's just a gut feeling
aSortaPrincess: i must have missed something
aSortaPrincess: i think it's just your meds
aSortaPrincess: paranoia
boz48730: ok, let's put it this way, they don't hate me, they just aren't fulfilling my needs adequately
boz48730: I'm high maintenence
aSortaPrincess: i mean, yeah, we had a meeting where we discussed how we would have you assasinated if necessary, but that has nothing to do with hate
aSortaPrincess: who are these people
boz48730: yeah, and you didn't invite me, see what I mean
aSortaPrincess: look how i'm here for you!
aSortaPrincess: in your time of need!
boz48730: cause I amuse you
aSortaPrincess: you do?
boz48730: once I stop making you laugh you'll be outta here like ...
aSortaPrincess: cat stevens?
aSortaPrincess: who did you stop making laugh?
boz48730: everyone
boz48730: look at my blog, no comments .... no comments, and I'm an internet icon, a diety!!!
aSortaPrincess: i commented yesterday
aSortaPrincess: but i don't matter
aSortaPrincess: i see how it is
boz48730: that was yesterday
boz48730: what have you done for me lately
aSortaPrincess: i am trying to help soothe your soul right this instant!
aSortaPrincess: you should eat some ramen
aSortaPrincess: or a lean pocket
aSortaPrincess: that always helps
aSortaPrincess: don't eat skittles
boz48730: how about some paste?
aSortaPrincess: no
aSortaPrincess: I am talking to you right now, am i not?
boz48730: I could eat skittles since I am going to the dentist in 11 hours
aSortaPrincess: he will be disappointed in you like mine was in me if you do
aSortaPrincess: and mine beats me when he's disappointed
boz48730: nah, mine just cracks lame jokes and then goes har har har
aSortaPrincess: hardy har har!
aSortaPrincess: i'm your dentist
boz48730: arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
aSortaPrincess: put down the skittles!
boz48730: but I'm keeping the paste
aSortaPrincess: well if you're going to do anything, snort it
boz48730: that's glue
aSortaPrincess: whatever
boz48730: i want paste
aSortaPrincess: do you really, becasue that means you're deficient
boz48730: in what?
boz48730: zil zheaton's lawyers contacted me yesterday
aSortaPrincess: b-12
aSortaPrincess: no they didn't
boz48730: oh,
boz48730: ok
aSortaPrincess: they did contact me though
boz48730: now that was a hilarious post
aSortaPrincess: as usual
boz48730: did you read vanessa's comment about antonio and johnny
boz48730: she said they are so femme they are almost pre-op
boz48730: If I gave an award for comment of the week that would win this weeks hands down
aSortaPrincess: FINE!
boz48730: oh, sorry, present company excluded
aSortaPrincess: everyone hates me!
boz48730: I should probably go to bed, rocky keeps whining about how his head hurts
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaha
aSortaPrincess: ok don't post this though
boz48730: why not?
aSortaPrincess: because i divulged personal information in it
boz48730: your mom doesn't read it
aSortaPrincess: she does
aSortaPrincess: and i'm a role model
boz48730: what personal?
aSortaPrincess: i forget
aSortaPrincess: about how i love benson
boz48730: fine, well, I'll post it until you come up with a reason not to
aSortaPrincess: no
aSortaPrincess: i'm off my game today!
aSortaPrincess: i'm in a funk!
boz48730: I'm lauging on the outside
aSortaPrincess: i'm serious
boz48730: so
aSortaPrincess: so
aSortaPrincess: people might read it and think i'm boring
aSortaPrincess: when really i'm exciting
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: i crack myself up
boz48730: I'm about to gag fromlaughing
aSortaPrincess: but really
aSortaPrincess: gary sinise reads it
boz48730: he is such a bastard
aSortaPrincess: jonnie said it was a good idea that i stopped blogging
boz48730: oh, yeah and I forgot tracey gold reads it just before she starts drinking
aSortaPrincess: hahahahaa
boz48730: jonnie said that?
aSortaPrincess: it's the REASON she drinks
aSortaPrincess: yeah
aSortaPrincess: and I weeped
boz48730: what were his reasons?
aSortaPrincess: who needs reasons!
aSortaPrincess: I'm weeping right now
boz48730: he's just mad because he had a woodrow tonight
aSortaPrincess: i'm so hungry but it's so late if i eat i will have those nightmares about pamela smart
aSortaPrincess: well whatever!
boz48730: eat paste, it's light but filling and doesn't cause nightmares
aSortaPrincess: i have no paste
aSortaPrincess: if you don't post this i will make a post on RWBS
boz48730: drano will work just as good
aSortaPrincess: mmmm drano
aSortaPrincess: don't tempt me
boz48730: owwwwwwww my back hurts
aSortaPrincess: hahahahahaha
boz48730: no, I have to post this
aSortaPrincess: i'm sorry, i was substituting head for back
aSortaPrincess: why
boz48730: the world needs to know the truth
aSortaPrincess: what truth is that
boz48730: about you and gary sinesse
aSortaPrincess: noooooo
aSortaPrincess: gary made me sign a confidentiality agreement
boz48730: I'll tell you what, I'll change your name from aSortaPrincess to belle
aSortaPrincess: i will have to sell my organs and my cats to pay for the lawyers fees
aSortaPrincess: No!
aSortaPrincess: change it to something else
aSortaPrincess: like gary sinise
aSortaPrincess: then you can say you had a conversation with gary sinise!
boz48730: is he threatening you>
aSortaPrincess: yes, right now
boz48730: he's got a knife to your throat, doesn't he
boz48730: my dinner with gary sinise
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: it's the only way
aSortaPrincess: the truth is
aSortaPrincess: that time my ear was bleeding
boz48730: that's settled, I'm going to bed as soon as I post my dinner with gary sinise
aSortaPrincess: that was gary
boz48730: the bastard!
aSortaPrincess: are you weeping?
boz48730: he probably said he was doing research for CSI New Hampshire, right
boz48730: and needed a blood sample
aSortaPrincess: i was so naive!
aSortaPrincess: he said he had to swab my ear for dna
boz48730: some people use their celebrity status for their own sick pleasures
aSortaPrincess: well i won't when i'm a celebrity
boz48730: yeah, that's what gary sinise said
aSortaPrincess: gary sinise was born a celebrity
aSortaPrincess: gary sinise and star jones work for the devil
boz48730: wasn't he mikey from the life commercials?
aSortaPrincess: no he was gary
boz48730: gary the one who egged mikey on?
boz48730: is he doing stuff to you now?
aSortaPrincess: the one who put drano in mikey's life
aSortaPrincess: yes
aSortaPrincess: help me
boz48730: don't make a video of it whatever it is
aSortaPrincess: no?
aSortaPrincess: gary doesn't show up on film
boz48730: it's worse than I thought
aSortaPrincess: you have no idea
aSortaPrincess: and you thought you had it bad
aSortaPrincess: so everyone hates you
boz48730: that twisted bastard
aSortaPrincess: atleast gary sinise isn't giving you the bad touch and bursting your ear drums
aSortaPrincess: are you eating paste right now
aSortaPrincess: and weeping?
aSortaPrincess: don't cry boz
boz48730: well, I really have to go to bed, say goodnight to gary for me, and tell him I really loved him in Ransom
aSortaPrincess: will do
boz48730: night
aSortaPrincess: night
boz48730: over and out
aSortaPrincess: over!
aSortaPrincess: roger!
boz48730: don't call me roger
aSortaPrincess: gary made me do it
aSortaPrincess: goodnight
boz48730: the bastard
boz48730: night


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