Friday, October 15, 2004

My dinner with the Seaver's

X - belle: boz i have a question
X - boz: yes?
X - belle: do you know anything about google cache?
X - boz: a little, what do you need to know
X - belle: how many google cents make a google dollar?
X - belle: or, is there a way to see something that someone deleted basically?
X - boz: I'm not sure, but I think there is, but they would have to know what they were looking for.
X - belle: well it's me, and i know what i'm looking for
X - belle: i'm in search of THE TRUTH
X - boz: then try it and see
X - belle: i'm looking for the secret post you made declaring your love for joanna kerns
X - belle: well i don't understand, so i cant' really try
X - boz: there was nothing secret about that, well at least after the restraining order was published on Smoking Gun
X - belle: oh, well why didn't you say so
X - boz: man, I am right in the middle of a picture post on TGE that if joanna could have seen, well things would have been different
X - belle: did you know there is a growing pains reunion this weekend?
X - belle: mark your calendar!
X - belle: i'm going to miss it so if you could tape it and then transcribe it for me in atleast 2 different languages, that would fab
X - belle: BE fab, yeah, that's what i meant
X - boz: sure, thing, I could even do a webcam post of me playing all the parts
X - belle: would you wear a wig and that jean skirt you have?
X - boz: when I am joanna, tracy or alan when he goes to his "special" club
X - belle: wait, i thought alan died, HIV?
X - belle: oh that was the brady bunch dad
X - boz: same guy wasn't it?
X - belle: i don't know, now i'm all confused. who was the guy my dad was having an affair with?
X - boz: ok, the post is finished, check out boz thru the years on TGE
X - boz: Mr Belvedere
X - belle: wow, that's awesome!
X - boz: I love that shirt
X - belle: and i'm so telling mother boz you're rifling through her stuff
X - boz: Fine!
X - belle: are you smoking in the last one?
X - belle: i'm telling mother boz that, too
X - boz: yeah, that one and the one on the bunk
X - boz: she took the picture, so I think she knows
X - belle: well i'll remind her
X - belle: i like the bunk one!
X - boz: go ahead, she'll just forget ten minutes after you tell her
X - boz: it looks like I have herpes on my upper lip in that one
X - belle: when in actuality you had syphilis
X - belle: very cool, boz
X - boz: yeah, they warned us about that, but did I listen ... NO!!!
X - belle: and lesley? hmm?
X - boz: hey, that was a one time thing, we were young and foolish, nothing ever came of it
X - belle: i like his cords
X - boz: and everybody wore sandals like that back then!
X - belle: hey, i wasn't even going to touch that
X - boz: bellbottom cords!
X - belle: did everyone wear shortsleeve mock turtleneck sweaters too?
X - boz: I bought my first pair of bellbottoms when I was home on leave after Keesler when I was 19 at a Head Shop called the Plum Pit
X - boz: the shirt was a birthday present from my parents
X - boz: the outside walls of the plum pit were painted purple
X - belle: plum pit, hahaha
X - belle: kind of like the peach pit, but only not
X - boz: that place was soooooo cool!
X - boz: it had a painting of a plum on the wall and on the inside of the plum there was a peace symbol
X - belle: is it still open?
X - boz: no
X - boz: don't hate me because I grew up in the age of aquarius, we really thought we could change the world


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