Monday, November 01, 2004

My dinner with Brian Bonsall

boz48730: early release?
aSortaPrincess: No
aSortaPrincess: I was not in prison
aSortaPrincess: I was having a sex change operation in Canada
aSortaPrincess: it's much cheaper there
boz48730: who did you change with?
aSortaPrincess: Jimmy Smits
aSortaPrincess: I was sending you code
aSortaPrincess: didn't you get it
boz48730: I got it, read my last post concerning your disappearance
aSortaPrincess: so i want you to call me by my man name now
boz48730: which is?
aSortaPrincess: brian
aSortaPrincess: bonsall
boz48730: noooooooooooooooooo, he's evil, evil, evil!!!
aSortaPrincess: exactly
aSortaPrincess: you should move to canada
boz48730: funny you should mention brian bonsall, I dressed up as him for halloween
aSortaPrincess: Figures!
aSortaPrincess: I thought for sure you'd be Tracy Gold, pre-DUI though
aSortaPrincess: so I went as post-DUI Tracy
boz48730: if I would have known
boz48730: did you get stopped at the border on the way back trying to smuggle in a penis?
aSortaPrincess: no, I declared it
boz48730: This is my penis!!!
boz48730: funny you should bring up sexual ambiguity, my last post on the grand ennui deals with the subject in great detail
aSortaPrincess: about the transvestite?
boz48730: the non-lady
boz48730: you read it?
aSortaPrincess: whatever you kids are calling it these days
aSortaPrincess: or those days
aSortaPrincess: maybe
boz48730: and no comment?
boz48730: man, I live for comments
boz48730: you didn't get brainwashed by a commune in canada did you, I saw a movie about an evil canadian commune last night
aSortaPrincess: I'll comment first thing tomorrow
aSortaPrincess: How would I know if I had?
boz48730: you'd be going "eh, hows about dem leafs"
aSortaPrincess: do they give you hats with pom-poms that say Canada on them?
aSortaPrincess: because if so I think I did
aSortaPrincess: I took the hat!
aSortaPrincess: it's like drinking the kool aid
boz48730: no, you took the toque
aSortaPrincess: the chapeau!
aSortaPrincess: my bum is sore from all the anal probing
boz48730: ha
aSortaPrincess: and I have some sort of time machine lag
boz48730: the CBC has a contest to name the greatest candadian, wayne gretzky leads the poll
aSortaPrincess: he's like the only canadian people know
aSortaPrincess: all other canadians become americans
aSortaPrincess: i'm going to move to canada soon
boz48730: which province?
aSortaPrincess: the slutty one
boz48730: I'd prefer PEI
aSortaPrincess: oh those PEI people are snobs
aSortaPrincess: for real
boz48730: ahh, you want to become a Yonge Street hooker
aSortaPrincess: gotta start somewhere
aSortaPrincess: I have to go to bed like, now, or die. DIE!!!!!
boz48730: yeah, you'll be up in half an hour playing boggle with emilio and charlie
aSortaPrincess: I shall catch up on all my TGE and RWBS reading tomorrow
aSortaPrincess: probably, but I must attempt
boz48730: ok, welcome back Brian
aSortaPrincess: hahahaha
aSortaPrincess: thanks!
boz48730: np
aSortaPrincess: Talk to you soon!
boz48730: yep later then .............
aSortaPrincess signed off at 11:50:39 PM.


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