Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My dinner with Lavar Burton

Date Time From To Message
12/7/2004 7:09:15 PM Belle boz i don't understand the email
12/7/2004 7:09:22 PM boz Belle me either
12/7/2004 7:09:23 PM Belle boz and here, download this
12/7/2004 7:09:31 PM Belle boz
12/7/2004 7:09:36 PM Belle boz so i can see how the nudges work
12/7/2004 7:10:20 PM boz Belle oh, sure have me download it and if my computer assplodes you're still good
12/7/2004 7:10:44 PM Belle boz i just downloaded it!
12/7/2004 7:10:54 PM Belle boz it won't let me do it if you don't have it though
12/7/2004 7:11:10 PM boz Belle oh ok. let me log off and download it and I'll come back on.
12/7/2004 7:11:17 PM Belle boz yeah right
12/7/2004 7:11:26 PM Belle boz i know where you live!!!
12/7/2004 7:11:27 PM boz Belle no seriously
12/7/2004 7:11:35 PM Belle boz fine
12/7/2004 7:12:13 PM boz Belle ummm could you re-send the url
12/7/2004 7:12:27 PM Belle boz you just did it didn't you
12/7/2004 7:12:32 PM boz Belle no
12/7/2004 7:12:33 PM Belle boz no
12/7/2004 7:12:38 PM Belle boz
12/7/2004 7:15:21 PM boz Belle it didn't install it
12/7/2004 7:15:27 PM Belle boz what!
12/7/2004 7:15:32 PM Belle boz why
12/7/2004 7:15:35 PM Belle boz what's wrong with you
12/7/2004 7:15:49 PM boz Belle I think I need to shut down messenger first
12/7/2004 7:15:55 PM Belle boz i thought you did
12/7/2004 7:16:07 PM Belle boz it takes like 2 seconds
12/7/2004 7:16:12 PM boz Belle no, send it agian
12/7/2004 7:16:17 PM Belle boz
12/7/2004 7:22:09 PM Belle boz ^o)
12/7/2004 7:22:19 PM boz Belle I think I already have 6.2
12/7/2004 7:22:30 PM Belle boz the BETA
12/7/2004 7:22:32 PM Belle boz is what you want
12/7/2004 7:22:39 PM boz Belle well you didn't say that
12/7/2004 7:22:41 PM Belle boz you do not have the beta
12/7/2004 7:22:51 PM boz Belle let me try the beta then
12/7/2004 7:22:51 PM Belle boz i thought it was obvious!
12/7/2004 7:25:01 PM boz Belle it won't let me do it
12/7/2004 7:25:07 PM Belle boz why?
12/7/2004 7:25:09 PM boz Belle and I blame you
12/7/2004 7:25:14 PM Belle boz that makes nooo sense
12/7/2004 7:25:28 PM boz Belle it just says an errour occured why trying to install it
12/7/2004 7:25:39 PM Belle boz i never heard of such a thing
12/7/2004 7:25:49 PM boz Belle I think I might have to download Active X first
12/7/2004 7:26:06 PM Belle boz i just downloaded it and it took 2 seconds!
12/7/2004 7:26:36 PM boz Belle what can I say, let me download active x first and then try it
12/7/2004 7:26:47 PM Belle boz i didn't dowload any active x
12/7/2004 7:26:52 PM Belle boz what active x?
12/7/2004 7:26:58 PM Belle boz just download whatever pops up
12/7/2004 7:27:05 PM boz Belle you probably already had active x
12/7/2004 7:27:19 PM Belle boz hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa
12/7/2004 7:27:25 PM Belle boz active x sounds like a disease
12/7/2004 7:27:33 PM Belle boz fine
12/7/2004 7:28:10 PM boz Belle what fine, you im me with another of your hairbrained schemes ...
12/7/2004 7:28:32 PM Belle boz try it again, it's not hairbrained!
12/7/2004 7:28:39 PM Belle boz i want to see what the nudge is about
12/7/2004 7:30:05 PM boz Belle I can't
12/7/2004 7:30:18 PM Belle boz stop being so difficult
12/7/2004 7:30:26 PM boz Belle I've tried it a half dozen times
12/7/2004 7:30:34 PM Belle boz if you could download regular messenger you could download the beta version!
12/7/2004 7:30:44 PM Belle boz you have to shut it dowwwwwwwwn
12/7/2004 7:30:49 PM boz Belle well obviously I can't
12/7/2004 7:30:56 PM Belle boz shut it all down
12/7/2004 7:31:05 PM Belle boz i can't stop laughing and i'm not sure why
12/7/2004 7:31:14 PM boz Belle hold on let me try it one more time
12/7/2004 7:34:31 PM boz Belle fuck it, it won't install
12/7/2004 7:34:37 PM boz Belle (nudge)
12/7/2004 7:34:44 PM Belle boz noooooooooo
12/7/2004 7:34:49 PM boz Belle what?
12/7/2004 7:34:52 PM boz Belle (nudge)
12/7/2004 7:35:02 PM Belle boz stop messing with my mind
12/7/2004 7:35:12 PM Belle boz the winks are really cute though, too bad you can't see them
12/7/2004 7:35:18 PM Belle boz i wish i could see the nudges!!!
12/7/2004 7:35:44 PM Belle boz i wonder what your problem is
12/7/2004 7:35:49 PM boz Belle well, maybe one day it will let me install it, it let's me download it but not install it
12/7/2004 7:36:02 PM Belle boz but it does it automatically
12/7/2004 7:36:07 PM Belle boz i didn't have to install anything
12/7/2004 7:36:23 PM Belle boz you are trying too hard
12/7/2004 7:36:24 PM Belle boz hahahaha
12/7/2004 7:36:31 PM boz Belle I know, and when it gets to the end of the installation it says an error has occured so fuck off
12/7/2004 7:37:01 PM Belle boz what is the error
12/7/2004 7:37:03 PM boz Belle that's the exact words it used too, and I am not happy with their language
12/7/2004 7:37:03 PM Belle boz tha'ts rude
12/7/2004 7:37:32 PM boz Belle maybe I'm not pretty enough for beta
12/7/2004 7:38:27 PM Belle boz well that stinks
12/7/2004 7:39:26 PM lavar burton boz i can help
12/7/2004 7:39:26 PM boz lavar burton lavar burton?
12/7/2004 7:39:32 PM lavar burton boz yes
12/7/2004 7:39:44 PM boz lavar burton wow, you can talk too
12/7/2004 7:39:58 PM lavar burton boz no
12/7/2004 7:40:00 PM lavar burton boz but i can type
12/7/2004 7:40:07 PM lavar burton boz marlee matlin taught me
12/7/2004 7:40:50 PM boz lavar burton nice of her
12/7/2004 7:43:04 PM boz lavar burton screw it lavar, no way will it let me install it
12/7/2004 7:43:13 PM lavar burton boz that doesn't make sense though
12/7/2004 7:43:25 PM lavar burton boz i am having someone else try it
12/7/2004 7:43:31 PM boz lavar burton then you should understand it
12/7/2004 7:43:31 PM lavar burton boz but she is kind of slow to begin with so who knows
12/7/2004 7:43:55 PM lavar burton boz maybe you're doing something wrong
12/7/2004 7:44:02 PM lavar burton boz don't bend over in the shower
12/7/2004 7:44:19 PM boz lavar burton I'm not doing anything wrong
12/7/2004 7:44:51 PM lavar burton boz uh huh
12/7/2004 7:45:08 PM lavar burton boz did you have this difficulty with regular messenger
12/7/2004 7:45:47 PM boz lavar burton no
12/7/2004 7:46:42 PM lavar burton boz hahaha, the winks are cute!
12/7/2004 7:47:01 PM boz lavar burton do they have a bite me prompt?
12/7/2004 7:47:21 PM lavar burton boz maybe you have to go to the page on your own
12/7/2004 7:47:28 PM lavar burton boz not have it from a link
12/7/2004 7:47:40 PM boz lavar burton I tried that
12/7/2004 7:47:45 PM lavar burton boz oh
12/7/2004 7:47:52 PM lavar burton boz call a guard for help
12/7/2004 7:47:54 PM boz lavar burton I even tried it on mozilla firefox
12/7/2004 7:48:29 PM boz lavar burton let me re-boot my computer and try it
12/7/2004 7:48:35 PM lavar burton boz wooo!
12/7/2004 7:48:49 PM boz lavar burton I'll be back in a few minutes
12/7/2004 7:48:55 PM lavar burton boz that's what they all say
12/7/2004 7:58:03 PM boz lavar burton no dice
12/7/2004 7:59:14 PM lavar burton boz well you stink
12/7/2004 7:59:18 PM lavar burton boz my friend got it fine
12/7/2004 7:59:27 PM lavar burton boz and she's even slow like i said
12/7/2004 7:59:41 PM boz lavar burton maybe I'm just too smart for beta
12/7/2004 7:59:49 PM boz lavar burton I think I know what it is though
12/7/2004 8:00:23 PM boz lavar burton beta means that they are still testing it, they haven't worked out all the bugs yet, and it just won't work on my computer
12/7/2004 8:00:50 PM boz lavar burton so if your computer assplodes, don't come crying to me
12/7/2004 8:01:00 PM lavar burton boz oh please
12/7/2004 8:01:19 PM lavar burton boz i had the beta yahoo forever before they made it live and nothing happened
12/7/2004 8:01:27 PM lavar burton boz i'm just cutting edge and you're not
12/7/2004 8:01:57 PM boz lavar burton fine!!!
12/7/2004 8:02:47 PM lavar burton boz don't cry
12/7/2004 8:03:25 PM boz lavar burton why shouldn't I?
12/7/2004 8:03:36 PM lavar burton boz well you should
12/7/2004 8:03:39 PM lavar burton boz i would if i was you
12/7/2004 8:03:43 PM lavar burton boz but i was trying to be nice
12/7/2004 8:03:50 PM lavar burton boz these winks and nudges are just great!!!
12/7/2004 8:03:54 PM boz lavar burton thanks, I appreciate it
12/7/2004 8:04:19 PM boz lavar burton you'll get sick of them when your computer starts acting all funny in a few days
12/7/2004 8:04:28 PM lavar burton boz it won't
12/7/2004 8:04:31 PM lavar burton boz you're just jealous
12/7/2004 8:04:41 PM boz lavar burton not me, no sireee
12/7/2004 8:07:26 PM boz lavar burton
12/7/2004 8:08:04 PM lavar burton boz well
12/7/2004 8:09:51 PM boz lavar burton well what?
12/7/2004 8:10:36 PM lavar burton boz i don't know
12/7/2004 8:10:39 PM lavar burton boz what does that mean
12/7/2004 8:10:54 PM boz lavar burton I dunno, I just sent it to you to scare you
12/7/2004 8:12:04 PM lavar burton boz well it worked
12/7/2004 8:12:12 PM lavar burton boz how do i uninstall??
12/7/2004 8:12:13 PM boz lavar burton good
12/7/2004 8:13:37 PM boz lavar burton nah, MSN wouldn't offer it for download on it's site if it wasn't safe, I just can't install it because it is still in testing phase, it is hit or miss on who can install it, I'm checking forums out now and half the people can't install it
12/7/2004 8:14:13 PM lavar burton boz Hmm
12/7/2004 8:14:49 PM lavar burton boz why don't the games work anymore
12/7/2004 8:15:11 PM boz lavar burton maybe you should go back to 6.2 then
12/7/2004 8:15:18 PM lavar burton boz i don't knwo how!
12/7/2004 8:15:27 PM lavar burton boz ?
12/7/2004 8:16:36 PM boz lavar burton go to your control panel and look for msn 7.0 and 6.2, if you have both remove 7.0
12/7/2004 8:17:02 PM boz lavar burton control panel then to add/remove
12/7/2004 8:17:19 PM lavar burton boz i only have 7.0
12/7/2004 8:17:42 PM boz lavar burton you would probably have to uninstall and then re-install 6.2
12/7/2004 8:18:32 PM lavar burton boz what about all my contacts
12/7/2004 8:18:46 PM lavar burton boz would they still be there?
12/7/2004 8:18:49 PM boz lavar burton both of us?
12/7/2004 8:18:58 PM lavar burton boz hahahaha yeah all two of you
12/7/2004 8:19:37 PM boz lavar burton I don't think so, but I'm not sure
12/7/2004 8:19:43 PM lavar burton boz you know what though? i think it's only letting you download 7.0
12/7/2004 8:19:54 PM lavar burton boz well i can't lose all my contacts!
12/7/2004 8:20:37 PM You have invited lavar burton to start Whiteboard. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.
12/7/2004 8:20:42 PM You have canceled your invitation to start Whiteboard.
12/7/2004 8:20:50 PM boz lavar burton what the fuck is whiteboard?
12/7/2004 8:20:57 PM lavar burton boz i don't know why did you cancel it
12/7/2004 8:21:04 PM boz lavar burton let's see what it is
12/7/2004 8:21:10 PM You have invited lavar burton to start Whiteboard. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.
12/7/2004 8:21:12 PM lavar burton boz it is probably like doodle
12/7/2004 8:21:14 PM lavar burton has accepted your invitation to start Whiteboard.
12/7/2004 8:21:30 PM lavar burton boz or not
12/7/2004 8:23:03 PM lavar burton boz nothing works for me anymore
12/7/2004 8:23:10 PM lavar burton boz the games thing just says connecting to service
12/7/2004 8:23:19 PM boz lavar burton does whiteboard work?
12/7/2004 8:23:30 PM lavar burton boz what is it under? activities?
12/7/2004 8:24:29 PM boz lavar burton no, it is under see more actions you can do, it is just like Microsoft Paint
12/7/2004 8:24:45 PM lavar burton boz did you see what i wrote on it?
12/7/2004 8:24:57 PM boz lavar burton doodle?
12/7/2004 8:25:01 PM lavar burton boz ok yes
12/7/2004 8:25:06 PM lavar burton boz well i can't start anything
12/7/2004 8:25:11 PM lavar burton boz it just says contacting service
12/7/2004 8:25:19 PM boz lavar burton you mean for games?
12/7/2004 8:25:25 PM lavar burton boz and activities
12/7/2004 8:25:46 PM lavar burton boz *-)
12/7/2004 8:26:11 PM boz Belle I dunno
12/7/2004 8:26:32 PM Belle boz this is all your fault
12/7/2004 8:26:49 PM You have invited Belle to start Solitaire Showdown. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.
12/7/2004 8:26:54 PM Belle has accepted your invitation to start Solitaire Showdown.
12/7/2004 8:26:55 PM boz Belle no it isn't
12/7/2004 8:27:04 PM Belle boz i accept but it won't open
12/7/2004 8:27:16 PM boz Belle did you get my games inivite
12/7/2004 8:27:21 PM Belle boz yes and i accepted
12/7/2004 8:27:34 PM boz Belle I have us both on screen ready to play
12/7/2004 8:27:44 PM Belle boz man!!!
12/7/2004 8:27:58 PM boz Belle at least you got that cute smilie thing
12/7/2004 8:28:08 PM Belle boz :@
12/7/2004 8:28:15 PM boz Belle hahaha
12/7/2004 8:28:16 PM Belle boz but solitaire showdown!
12/7/2004 8:30:53 PM boz Belle yeah, you can't get games with 7.0
12/7/2004 8:31:02 PM Belle boz this lady is interested in file cabinets

12/7/2004 8:31:10 PM Belle boz you can't? at all?
12/7/2004 8:31:14 PM Belle boz damn it!!!
12/7/2004 8:31:39 PM boz Belle she looks like she has a nice pair of filing cabinets
12/7/2004 8:31:45 PM Belle boz and she looks a lot like this lady doesn't she
12/7/2004 8:31:46 PM Belle boz
12/7/2004 8:32:24 PM boz Belle I was so in the mood for solitare showdown tonight
12/7/2004 8:32:26 PM Belle boz but not like this lady
12/7/2004 8:32:30 PM Belle boz oh man
12/7/2004 8:32:39 PM Belle boz i don't know how to fix it
12/7/2004 8:32:42 PM Belle boz and you're just saying that
12/7/2004 8:32:53 PM boz Belle don't cry
12/7/2004 8:33:08 PM boz Belle :D
12/7/2004 8:33:43 PM boz Belle I think the only thing to do is uninstall and then reinstall 6.2
12/7/2004 8:33:56 PM Belle boz but where can you reinstall 6.2
12/7/2004 8:34:03 PM boz Belle hold on
12/7/2004 8:34:46 PM boz Belle
12/7/2004 8:35:18 PM boz Belle why don't you try installing 6.2 before you uninstall 7.0
12/7/2004 8:37:23 PM boz Belle you there?
12/7/2004 8:38:23 PM Belle is inviting you to start Solitaire Showdown. Do you want to Accept (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?
12/7/2004 8:38:26 PM Belle boz wooooo
12/7/2004 8:38:29 PM You have accepted the invitation to start Solitaire Showdown.
12/7/2004 8:38:41 PM boz Belle did you do 6.2?
12/7/2004 8:38:45 PM Belle boz yes
12/7/2004 8:38:53 PM boz Belle I'm so smart
12/7/2004 8:38:54 PM Belle boz it made me uninstall first though
12/7/2004 8:42:48 PM Belle boz you stink
12/7/2004 8:42:53 PM boz Belle pffffffffffft
12/7/2004 8:42:55 PM Belle boz the least you could have done was let me win after all that
12/7/2004 8:43:12 PM boz Belle now that I know how to play the game it's a lot easier
12/7/2004 8:43:21 PM Belle boz :P
12/7/2004 8:50:17 PM Belle boz i win!
12/7/2004 8:53:00 PM Belle boz this is a bad one
12/7/2004 8:53:07 PM boz Belle no shit
12/7/2004 8:58:29 PM boz Belle bitch!
12/7/2004 8:58:35 PM Belle boz hahahaha
12/7/2004 8:58:39 PM Belle boz you did that to me last time
12/7/2004 9:03:05 PM Belle boz i win!!!
12/7/2004 9:03:31 PM boz Belle no more
12/7/2004 9:03:36 PM boz Belle you cheat
12/7/2004 9:03:37 PM Belle boz hahahaha
12/7/2004 9:03:39 PM Belle boz i do not
12/7/2004 9:03:44 PM Belle boz you have to be cruel
12/7/2004 9:03:46 PM Belle boz to be kind
12/7/2004 9:04:08 PM boz Belle well yeah, and you've been playing it for years, and I've played like 7 games
12/7/2004 9:04:17 PM Belle boz i have not been playing for years!!
12/7/2004 9:04:31 PM boz Belle why don't you go download msn 7.0
12/7/2004 9:04:37 PM Belle boz yeah i think i will do that
12/7/2004 9:04:43 PM Belle boz catch you on the flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/7/2004 9:04:49 PM boz Belle later


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